Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar – Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival started on March 1st, 2013. One of the coffee events this year is the Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar, which occupies a space close to where Joost set up camp at last year’s event.

Every day during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, a different cafe will be featured at the Urban Coffee Farm. There are over 100 coffee trees on the site, and it’s already proving a popular place to relax after an early morning jog along the Yarra river. An array of baked goods are available, including croissants.

In late afternoon and into the evenings, there will be drinks on offer, and food. While last year Joost was a focal point of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, this year could see the Urban Coffee Farm taking up that position.

Check out the official information page for the Coffee Farm.

Photos of Urban Coffee Farm:

Urban Coffee Farm Melbourne - infographic about coffee processingUrban Coffee Farm Melbourne - the line up of daily workshops.Urban Coffee Farm - inside the Melbourne brew barOrdering coffee at the Urban Coffee Farm in MelbourneCoffee trees by the hundreds! At the Urban Coffee Farm in Melbourne.Interesting facts at the Urban Coffee FarmTake a journey through the farm to understand the coffee story - Urban Coffee FarmThe Urban Coffee Farm in all its glory!Near the Urban Coffee Farm, the Pop Up Patch operates a vegie garden for city dwellers.

Written by Richard Manley

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