Green coffee arrivals – so close you can almost smell them!

I often get excited about a new pallet of fresh coffee arriving, but this latest announcement has me perhaps even a little more excited than usual. You see, I still have these lingering memories of the super sweet Kenya Tinganga poured expertly from the Slayer machine by @cupmccann at Cup Coffee into a piccolo glass, and then downed one after the other. To this day, the only coffees that came close to this same level of sweetness are, funnily enough not from Kenya but are from two other regions. One was the 99 point coffee Bolivia Machacamarca which i reviewed. I’ve recently ordered another lot of this coffee from Hasbean, and included a bag of the peaberry version. The other was a darker roast, but it was still just as sweet, and probably even more floral – the Esmeralda Geisha roasted by Campos.


I had almost given up hope of seeing the Tinganga again, but then Ministry Grounds revealed that they had ordered some and it is due to arrive with a shipment of other amazing central american coffees on or around the 18th of this month!  In typical MG style, it will be available for home roasters as green coffee, or freshly roasted.

Other coffees arriving at the same time include other favourites of mine from previous seasons:

  • Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Pearl (this was great last season)
  • Costa Rica Las Lajas honey (this one has been consistently awesome)
  • Costa Rica Zamorana washed
  • El Salvador Finca El Talapo
  • El Salvador Finca La Fany
  • Guatamala Finca Bourbon Organic
  • Guatamala Finca L Perla (definitely keen to try this one)

More info and reviews of some of these to come!

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